Escaping Evernote

I had over 4000+ notes in Evernote, and over 2GB of content… but I never actually liked Evernote…

NOTE this had nothing to do with Evernote’s new pricing, which I wasn’t even aware of.

Evernote works – but I can’t ever think of a time I felt it worked well. The search was atrocious, the client was buggy, the syncing was strangely slow at times, no linux native client…

Now, I used Evernote differently than most, my primary use case was webpage archiving. Out of 4,000 notes, only a couple hundred were hand generated by me. Most of what I had in Evernote existed because I hate finding a great technical blog post, dripping with hard won knowledge – only to come back to that bookmark later to a dreaded 404.

Clipping to Evernote was a good solution to this problem. It gave me a full text searchable(ish) copy of that webpage, and insulated me from it vanishing from the internet. Effectively it was like vendoring a library. It also was passible as a “note” tool because it supported a lot of note content types for the handful of notes I did manually.

So, the primary way I solved the problem was with the wonderful pinboard and most importantly pinboard archive account for $25 a year. This was not able to successfully get everything I had gotten via clips, some of it was already gone, some of it was behind logins, etc. But I only lost a 150 or so of 4000.

As for my “other” notes, I am using Google Keep.